The Bracken Control Group

This Group was established in response to the       banning of Asulam, but the Group considers all bracken control issues and techniques.

The Coordinator of the Group is Simon Thorp, the Director of The Heather Trust.


Latest updates

12 Sep 16:  End of the Emergency Authorisation period. Asulam can still be applied but it can no longer be sold or transferred.  All stocks must be applied or returned to the supplier by the end of October.





The Bracken Control Group

A background to the formation of the Bracken Control Group and details about its main activities can be viewed here.



Newsletters are the primary means of communication with members of the Bracken Control Group.   They can be viewed on the News page and there is a Sign Up option at the bottom of the e-mail to add an e-mail address to the circulation list.

Approval for aerial spraying

A briefing about the permit system for approving aerial spraying for bracken control can be found on the News page 


The following people have volunteered to represent the interests of their sector.  There are some gaps and more volunteers will be welcome, especially if you feel your interests are not being represented.  Initial contact with the representatives will be through the Coordinator.

Sector Representatives
Landowners and representative organisations

George Winn-Darley, Moorland Association (North Yorkshire)

Christopher Price, Country Land & Business Association (London)

Tim Baynes, Scottish Land & Estates (Edinburgh)

National Park

Martin Curry (Lake District)

Toby Small (Brecon Beacons)

Farmers and representative organisations

Andrew Bauer, NFUS (Edinburgh)

Dafydd Jarrett, NFU Cymru (Gwynedd)

Phil Stocker, National Sheep Association (Worcestershire)

Commoners & graziers

John Thorley, Pastoral Alliance (Worcestershire)

Arnold Lancaster, Commoner (Lake District)

Crofters Alan Andrews, Crofter (Sutherland)
Distributors of Asulam Graham Cranna, Agrii (Perth)
Bracken contractor (ground based) Gerald Babcock (Cornwall)
Aerial Applicators (helicopter contractor) Ian Innes, PDG Helicopters (Inverness)

Ian Willoughby, Forestry Commission (Surrey)

Colin Palmer, Confor

Government Agencies

Alastair Burn, Natural England (Peterborough)

Graeme Campbell, CAFRE (Antrim)

Regulation & re-registration

Alastair Leake, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (Leicestershire)

Mark Ballingall, SRUC (Perthshire)

Historic Environment Sandy Gerrard (Devon)
Other users

Duncan Glen, Landmarc (Wiltshire & UK)

Health information

Prof Roy Brown, R&D Applied Biology (North Yorks)

Technical adviser

Roderick Robinson, Landward Consultancy (North Yorks)